Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have completely changed my eating habits for about a year now. No, I am not on a restricted diet. I'm just eating healthy.
That is such a broad statement, I know. What I mean is that I'm eating frequent fist sized portions of all the healthy things this Earth has to offer.
I have refrained from eating pastries, candy, soda, chips, and anything fried.
I did break my rules last week after my school's homecoming game. My friends and I were trying to find some place that was not crowded to eat. We decided on Burger King where I rodered onion rings. BIG MISTAKE. The next morning was horrific. I woke up with the worst stomach aches of my life. I could barely move.
I guess the fact that I has refrained from eating that type of unhealthy food for months is a good thing. My body wasn't used to digesting that type of thing and certaintly let me know.
I have kept up with eating simple foods; foods with ingredients that I know and can pronounce.
I still eat as much as I did before, I just make sure that everything I eat is good for me; even the next morning.

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