Monday, July 5, 2010

The Unreachable

As president of my school's Club Earth, I am expected to live up to certain expectations: recycle my paper, drink out of an aluminum water bottle, turn off the sink while brushing my teeth.

And be a vegetarian.

But while I think the concept is great, beneficial, and healthy, it seems unreachable. Because somethings are just too yummy. Because I've always eaten meat. Because I'm Cuban.

But most importantly, because there's BACON.

Yes, bacon. The heavenly strips that await you on the morning of a standardized test day. It tops off an egg sandwich, a cheeseburger, a baked potato--it makes everything better.

If I didn't have bacon in my life, I just wouldn't be as happy. I'd drool over my friend's plate and regret my lifestyle choice. I'd crack and have a slice (or 5).

The way I see it, I'm saving the word vegetarian from having a bad reputation.

Plus, who likes a vegetarian that's weak? No one.

Especially not me.