Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Balancing Act

Let's face it, most people would love to be able to do one easy thing and be fit forever. To much dismay, that may not be the case.
To get where you want to be, a good balance of healthy eating and regular exercise are necessary. It's such a huge misconception when people think if they eat healthy then no exercise is needed, or if they exercise all the time they can eat whatever they want. Here are the problems with both assumptions:
Sure if you keep up with a healthy diet, your body will thank you, but not strenuously using the muscles you have for a long period of time can leave an individual weak. I'm not saying that individuals who do not participate in sports or outside of school physical activities are week. I am suggesting that everyone take thirty minutes out of each day for about three days a week, and take a nice brisk walk, or ride a bike. Other fun activities like dancing, walking your dog, or even bowling can help tone some muscles.
On the other hand, exercising 24/7 with the necessary breaks is great too. However, to have the energy and nutrients to actually exercise you need to eat right! Eating without conciously choosing your foods could get you seriously ill. Not enough vitamin C? You might end up super prone to getting the flu. It is imperative that you eat well.
When it comes to eating well, you have to eat breakfast. It's what fuels your tank for the day. Try a peice of whole grain bread, toasted, with a layer of peanut butter for complex carbs and fiber to fill you up. Eat a lot of simple ingredient foods so you know nothing is refined or processed. Fist sized portions consumed about eight times a day is good for keeping your metabolism up.
Stay away from soda's, too much candy (HALLOWEEN), and other foods that your waistline might regret in a week or two. Lot's of fluids are also essential. Water is just about the healthiest beverage out there. Feeling bored, which leads to hunger, on a school night? Brew yourself a nice mug of green tea to stifle that fake hunger.
The trick is to keep a good balance of nutrition and exercise. Anyone can do it :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scariest part of Halloween is the Candy

So we are all aware that the festive holiday of Halloween is soon to arrive. Sure dressing up is great and so is going to crazy Halloween parties. However, from here on out I'd like to avoid the candy part.

I read in an article on Yahoo.com that three mini reeses cup candies have more sugar than a glazed doughnut. Can you believe that? I remember eating those things like chips when I was little. It kind of made my stomach churn to think I ate so horridly in the past. Then again, it is the past, and I'm ready to make some changes.

It's not that surprising that people might be prone to gobbling up the pounds of candy they get in a matter of days. Doesn't make you sick thinking about the amount of sugar people ingest during this holiday? I mean it's literally sugar for breakfast lunch and dinner. I remember trying to hide my stash from my mom so she wouldn't hide it somewhere herself.

So let's take a step back from all that candy. There are other healthy alternatives to tasty halloween treats. You should not skip dinner on halloween night. You need some good cources of energy and nutrition other than empty carbs. Perhaps you could play on the color scheme of black and orange. Maybe make whole grain cupcakes with orange cake and black icing. The combination of celery sticks, peanut butter, and raisins can be made into celery stick spiders. Or maybe canteloupe scoops can be peeled eye balls. These are just some spur of the moment ideas.

Let's try being a little healthier this Halloween, shall we?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have completely changed my eating habits for about a year now. No, I am not on a restricted diet. I'm just eating healthy.
That is such a broad statement, I know. What I mean is that I'm eating frequent fist sized portions of all the healthy things this Earth has to offer.
I have refrained from eating pastries, candy, soda, chips, and anything fried.
I did break my rules last week after my school's homecoming game. My friends and I were trying to find some place that was not crowded to eat. We decided on Burger King where I rodered onion rings. BIG MISTAKE. The next morning was horrific. I woke up with the worst stomach aches of my life. I could barely move.
I guess the fact that I has refrained from eating that type of unhealthy food for months is a good thing. My body wasn't used to digesting that type of thing and certaintly let me know.
I have kept up with eating simple foods; foods with ingredients that I know and can pronounce.
I still eat as much as I did before, I just make sure that everything I eat is good for me; even the next morning.