Monday, March 26, 2012

Green Teen: Noise Pollution and the BP Oil Spill

Noise pollution is affecting our forests. A few years ago, it was discovered that in areas where there was a lot of human-made noise, a species of hummingbird would increase in population, while another species of jay would decrease in population.
These same researchers have found where human-made noise is heavy, there will be more flowers but fewer trees.
According to Clinton D. Francis, an evolutionary ecologist at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, this is a domino effect. The pine trees that were seen less and less relied upon the scrub jays to spread their seeds. The black-chinned hummingbird specifically searches out areas where there is a lot of noise and no jays because these birds eat their eggs and nestlings.
On another note, bringing back the BP Oil Spill that happened April 2010, scientists say they have definitively linked damage to deep-sea corals in the Gulf to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill. This coral community that was once vibrant with rich hues is now dull and brown, and according to scientists, it's because of the oil spill. The oil found on the corals matched the oil that was spilled back in April 2010, turning half a football field of corals into a graveyard.

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