Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meditation: Woo Sa

It's no secret that any teenager's life is stressful.
For me, meditation was a method to really control that stress and eliminate it from my life.

My mom gave me a set of meditation tip cards about a year ago. They range from teaching you about breathing exercises, to finding your power animal, to even meeting your other selves. I did try many of the exercises and they turned out to be very interesting to attempt.

I mainly meditated in my room with relaxing music playing and the only light coming from a lone candle on my nightstand. Wherever you meditate is completely up to you. Just find a quiet place that is your own, and where you feel the most comfortable.

I took the time to meditate for about half an hour every other day, and I certaintly got a lot out of it. The time I took for myself I used to think, a lot.
I thought about my pritorites and if they were in the right order. I thought about school and if I was trying hard enough. I even thought about all the things that were stressing me out in my life, and figured out ways to eliminate the unnecessary from my life.

Mediating has really helped me get a better grasp on my life and maintaining a low stress level.
I would really recommend it to everyone. It's really simply and easy to do. There is no set method to meditiate or order of steps.

Just find your place, close your eyes, relax, breathe, and let spontaneous thoughts flow.

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